Kodak Ultra F9
  • Kodak Ultra F9
  • Kodak Ultra F9
  • Kodak Ultra F9
  • Kodak Ultra F9
  • Kodak Ultra F9

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Kodak Ultra F9

Experience the essence of photography!

The KODAK ULTRA F9 is a reusable 35mm/135 analogue camera that offers a different photo creation experience from digital photography. The more intentional shooting process requires thought at each step when creating the image thanks to its fixed focus and manual winder. Compatible with all 35mm film, the film is interchangeable and offers better image resolution and greater depth of field.

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59,99 €

Back to the roots of photography

Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur, expand your creative palette with the Kodak ULTRA F9. With its limited number of exposures, it requires a much more thoughtful shooting process before triggering. Its fixed focal length lens allows you to focus on composition and exposure in order to obtain sharper, clearer and more precise images. To help you determine how much light is needed, this film camera has a built-in exposure meter.

Vintage charm

Treat yourself to an authentic and nostalgic photography experience by capturing memorable moments. Film photos offer a visible texture and unique grain that cannot be digitally reproduced. The visual finish is incomparable and is often appreciated for its aesthetic appearance. Equipped with a manual lens, it allows you to play with the depth of field and create artistic background blur. This feature is highly valued in portrait photography and allows photographers to create unique and artistic images.


Data sheet

Compatible Films
35mm Colour And Black And White – ISO 200/400 (not included)
Built-in (120uf.)
Shutter speed
Fixed, 1m - ∞
1 x AAA battery (not included)
119 x 67 x 44 mm
Weight (in g)
1 camera, 1 hand strap
Optics lens
31 mm – fixed focal length

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