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Record conversations, notes or lectures easily with our voice recorders. They offer excellent sound quality and are fitted with a high quality microphone to ensure good audio pick-up. They are a convenient tool for students, journalists, lawyers, doctors and professionals in all sectors who need to record important information or creative ideas. Some of our models come with advanced features such as speech recognition and noise reduction for an even better recording experience. 

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Despite all today’s innovations, the quality of a smartphone voice recorder will never equal that of a dictaphone. A dictaphone is specifically designed to capture sounds in all circumstances. Light, efficient and practical, the digital dictaphone has become essential for many people, including journalists, students, doctors, creatives, etc. Discover the range of Kodak dictaphones, state-of-the-art products for premium quality audio.

The dictaphone, the nomadic companion par excellence  

As the name suggests, a dictaphone is above all dedicated to the recording of oral dictations. It can be used to make audios to take vocal notes, which you can listen to again later. The dictaphone is thus a way to easily remember your ideas without having to write them down on a post-it note or in a notebook. A dictaphone is an ally of spontaneity!

Today, dictaphones have multiple uses. Journalists use them to record interviews and facilitate transcripts, doctors can dictate letters or reports, students record their lessons and conferences, while company employees may use them to keep an audio record of meetings. Both professionals and individuals will discover the many advantages of a dictaphone, a device designed for regular daily use.

Essential qualities of a dictaphone

If we prefer a dictaphone to a smartphone voice recording application, it is because we want to take advantage of the essential features of this device. What exactly are they? Kodak explains it all:

  • Light weight and manoeuvrability: take your dictaphone anywhere with you, in your pocket or bag. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, it can be equipped with features like voice control or an instant recording button.
  • The storage capacity of a dictaphone is entirely dedicated to your recordings. With a capacity of up to 700 hours of audio, you will not run short of recording time. Depending on the model, the internal memory can be supplemented with an SD card.
  • Battery life: lithium batteries are the most efficient and offer excellent battery life - at least 20 hours - for continuous use.
  • Sound quality: some dictaphones can be equipped with noise reduction technology, which is very useful for eliminating parasitic sounds such as wind, background noise, etc. Depending on the models, a choice of scene allows you to adjust the settings according to your environment.
  • The microphone: opt for a dictaphone with an omnidirectional channel, which will enable 360° voice capture. You will not need to worry about the orientation or immobility of your device.
  • Mono or stereo: audio recorded in mono is captured via one channel, while stereo records through a dual channel. Stereo has a wider capture capability, allowing for multiple voices, moods, etc. Mono is suitable for quieter environments, when the dictaphone is quite close to the main source of sound.  

You have all the keys in hand to choose the ideal dictaphone, both lightweight and powerful, for perfect sound recordings.

The Kodak Dictaphone: optimised connectivity and capabilities

We have equipped all our Kodak dictaphones with full connectivity, including Plug & Play technology. As its name indicates, with Plug & Play you can easily connect your device to your computer for automatic recognition.      The dictaphone does not require any dedicated software and file transfer is made easy. With this technology, you can load music onto your device, turning it into an MP3 player. Yes, your Kodak dictaphone has more than one string to its bow.        

Our range of digital recorders is equipped with the essential connections for optimised use. You will benefit from two 3.5 mm stereo input and output mini jacks. It is very easy to connect an external microphone to record as close as possible to the source. You can connect headphones to listen to your audios or enjoy your music.

With their built-in lithium battery and 20-34 hour battery life, our Kodak dictaphones are designed for uninterrupted use. Their recording capacity varies between 581 and 725 hours, to preserve all your ideas, meetings, courses or interviews. For students, a Kodak dictaphone at maximum capacity enables you to record over a week of lessons without recharging. Its memory, on the other hand, can store the equivalent of a year of teaching.

The Kodak range of dictaphones

We offer you a range of state-of-the-art digital dictaphones, which will go everywhere with you, whatever your needs. Voice control, instant recording, Plug & Play, display screen: they have it all! Now discover the features of each Kodak dictaphone:

  • The Kodak VRC250: this entry-level dictaphone is the nomad model par excellence, with its featherweight of 34 grams! Compact and intuitive, it enables you to generate quality audio with its omnidirectional microphone. Its lithium battery with 20 hours of autonomy enables daily use with regular charging. Its key assets: hands-free recording and record-breaking lightness.
  • The Kodak VRC350: this model is attractive thanks to its exceptional 34-hour autonomy and metallic styling! It features an omnidirectional microphone, a quality speaker, and a choice of scenes to suit your surroundings.
  • The Kodak VRC450: its SD card port enables you to increase the memory of the device. With 22 hours of autonomy, it is the ally of your daily sound recordings, with the possibility of switching from mono to stereo thanks to its dual omnidirectional channel. It features noise reduction technology, for crisp, quality recordings.
  • The Kodak VRC550 is our premium dictaphone. Its stereo omnidirectional microphone captures optimal-quality audio. Its large capacity, with up to 725 hours of recording, can be increased through the addition of an SD card. Compact and modern, it is enhanced with a noise-reduction feature for premium audio recordings.

At Kodak, we have taken up the challenge to combine lightness, performance and technology. Recording your audios becomes intuitive with our high-quality nomadic dictaphones.

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