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Taking great shots is easy with the digital camera. Thanks to its numerous settings and LCD screen, ideal for framing, you'll be sure to get every shot you want. Whether in compact or bridge format, digital cameras are the perfect companion for all photographers, from beginners to more experienced users. Discover this technological gem through the Kodak range.

Optical technology is revolutionising photography

For a long time, photography was a film-based medium. In those days, images were captured on film, so we had little idea of the result and had to wait for the film to be developed to find out whether the shot was a success or not. It was a game of chance, which still has a certain appeal today. But when you want to be sure of taking THE photo of your dreams, it's best to turn to the digital camera. It has only been available to the general public since the 1990s and has quite simply revolutionised photography. Now everyone can take great photos. That's down to its technology: you can rest assured that its apparent simplicity conceals a host of amazing features.

Indeed, the digital camera is very powerful. With just a few clicks, you can access 'scenes', intuitive presets adapted to different shooting conditions. And for more proficient photographers, some models also offer setting options. The automatic mode is also a real advantage, as it allows spontaneity: activate it, and it automatically detects the type of scene and adjusts accordingly. The digital camera is equipped with an optical zoom for capturing an image from a distance, and a digital zoom for enlarging the captured image. But zooming is not its only advantage. You can also rely on the CMOS sensor, they key to high performance at a reasonable price.

Photography enthusiasts can take their time getting the perfect image, thanks to the LCD screen that makes framing and viewing easy. You'll be able to enjoy optimum image quality, with a Kodak range featuring a minimum resolution of 16 MP. It is ideal for printing and for sharing on the Internet or social media. And yes, the digital camera is seriously modern. Add to that its versatility, with video definition up to 1080p depending on the model chosen.

Electronics to enhance your images with the digital camera

Unlike film cameras, digital cameras have an electronic sensor that enables you to take beautiful shots effortlessly. This is mainly thanks to its practical and user-friendly interface, which provides rapid access to useful scenes and settings. You can view your images even before you capture them, for perfect framing. This highly intuitive digital camera is ideal for all photography enthusiasts. You'll enjoy seeing your shot on the LCD screen, to check that you like it or to show it to friends and family. Each photograph is instantly and automatically stored on an SD card. With this, you can upload your photos to your computer for viewing, editing or sharing.

Digital cameras are extremely versatile. They adapt to the needs of most users, whether slow-lifers or adventurers at heart. Whether in compact or bridge format, the digital camera offers some great options, such as preset scenes. These give one-click access to a mode set to take the perfect photo: day or night portrait, landscape, fireworks, moving person, animal, etc. The possibilities are numerous and vary according to the model of camera chosen. Lastly, there are digital cameras specially designed for the real daredevils among us. They are reinforced with a waterproof casing for confronting the deep, or unpredictable environments.

Which digital camera is right for me?

If you browse our catalogue of digital cameras, you'll find two main models: compacts and bridges. But what's the difference between the two? With its small size and feather weight, the compact digital camera is ideal for travel and everyday use. It slips into a bag and can be taken just about anywhere. Highly versatile, it can be used to photograph a wide variety of subjects, from portraits to landscapes and night scenes. Kodak invites you to discover the ultimate compact digital camera, with a case that's waterproof to 15 metres! So you can enjoy all the benefits of your camera, even when you're diving, having a day out at an amusement park or spending an afternoon at the beach!

The compact digital camera is also ideal for getting started in photography without getting carried away. It is very easy to use, thanks to its many intuitive presets and its essential automatic mode. This smart camera will help you get to grips with photography, allowing you to concentrate on framing without having to worry about settings. It's ideal for novices wanting to capture their memories for ever without feeling pressured. If, on the other hand, you want to take your photography to the next level, you'll love the digital bridge camera. It combines the best of the compact with some of the features of an SLR, including numerous presets and customisation options that you can control yourself. It requires a little more skill and is thus ideal for photography enthusiasts who want to gain more experience.

The digital bridge camera differs from the compact in the size of its case. It's bigger, but still very easy to handle. It has been designed so that your fingers are in immediate contact with the buttons and knobs. It may be bigger than a compact, but it's still nowhere near the size of an SLR! One of the reasons for this is its built-in zoom. So you can carry it with you on your travels and in your everyday life. This versatile, user-friendly camera is available in a wide range of versions. Check out our top-of-the-range Kodak bridge, with a 90X zoom and a resolution of 20 MP for photography and 1080p for video. We offer a wide choice of battery-powered and lithium-battery models, with 40X zoom and numerous preset scenes.

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