Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are a modern, convenient way to display and share your digital photos. They allow you to store and view a large number of photos, without taking up physical space like traditional photo frames. Thanks to the various features offered by our digital photo frames, you can customise your slideshows and make them more dynamic. Some of our models even have Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can upload photos directly from your phone or computer. A convenient and elegant way to display your photos.

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Digital photo frames are just like the most precious family heirlooms. These connected devices stream your favourite images, bringing them to life over and over again. The Kodak digital photo frame is the ideal gift, bringing generations together despite the distance, thanks to the simplicity of sharing. Discover this little jewel of technology, which displays your fondest memories at the click of a button.

Relive your most memorable moments with a digital photo frame

Since the invention of photography, these immortalised moments have taken their place in our homes: in a frame on the mantelpiece, hung on the walls, on canvas or in a jumble in our bedrooms, on our fridges, and so on. With photography becoming more and more accessible thanks to the boom in compact cameras and smartphones, the number of shots is increasing and the choice is becoming more difficult: which image do you want to display in your home? With a digital photo frame, all your memories can scroll across the screen and be with you every day.

Designed to blend in with your décor, the digital photo frame is a connected device that lets you view photographs continuously, in slideshows or randomly. The photo frame often supports video, so you can capture all the moments you want to remember: a child's first words, weddings, birthdays and so on. It's so easy to use, it's just a click away from bringing your favourite holiday memories and family moments to life.

Photographs and videos can simply be loaded onto your digital photo frame via a USB or SD card port. Most of our Kodak cameras now have Wi-Fi technology, which makes transferring data effortless and very intuitive. We've developed our own application, Kodak Classic Frame, to transfer all your photos to the frame, even from a distance.

At Kodak, we've designed digital photo frames that look just like the originals. Their design can be modern with sleek finishes or traditional with a wooden frame that blends in with any interior. Place them on a shelf, sideboard or TV cabinet and show off your best images. Our premium models are equipped with a touch screen for even easier navigation.

Create a bond by giving the gift of a Kodak digital photo frame

When we want to immortalise an important moment in our lives, giving a framed photograph is often one of our first ideas. The digital photo frame lets you share more than just a single moment. With a USB stick or the Kodak Classic Frame application, you can load a multitude of memories onto the frames of your loved ones in no time at all: parents, grandparents, best friends, and so on. Instant delivery thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity creates a powerful link.

Kodak has designed digital photo frames that are compatible with the Kodak Classic Frame application. With it, you can share all the photos and videos you want via Wi-Fi to the frames of your friends and family. Wherever you are in the world, your images can be transmitted and viewed in the blink of an eye. A notification alerts the owner of the frame to the arrival of a new image, which can then be instantly incorporated into a slideshow. Give people a link: anyone who has installed the application will be able to transfer their photographs very easily.

Anything is possible with a connected digital photo frame. You can instantly share your children's first steps, send New Year's greetings or blow out your candles with the whole family. The frame's internal memory is expandable, so it can store your most precious memories for years to come. So they can be viewed again and again, ad infinitum.

All you need is an internet connection to share your images. The Kodak Classic Frame application is free and designed to work seamlessly with our digital photo frames. Secure and accessible, it guarantees the integrity of your memories. Last but not least, we've added some very useful features to our models, such as the weather forecast, calendar and clock. Our frames are therefore a concentrate of technology, for a device that is as aesthetic as it is practical.

The Kodak range of digital photo frames

Kodak, the iconic brand that makes photography accessible to everyone, has designed a complete collection of digital photo frames. Our aim: to immortalise your memories, so that you can share them and relive them again and again. From the simplest to the most connected, our models will find a place of choice in your home with their exceptional design.

Our entry-level digital photo frame, the RDPF-700W, is already a little jewel of technology, with a 7" LED screen for a comfortable viewing of your memories. With its practical clock and calendar functions, it's an indispensable everyday tool. The Kodak RDPF-1020W, with its 10" LED screen, stands out from its predecessor thanks to its higher resolution and the ability to broadcast videos. Both have wooden frames in black or light wood, for an authentic, timeless look that will blend in with any décor. They come with an external memory via SD card or USB stick, so you can view all your best photos with no limits.

Check out the Kodak RCF-106H Wi-Fi and Kodak RCF-1013W Wi-Fi: they have all the benefits of a standard digital photo frame, with optimised connectivity. Share all your photos and videos instantly with the Kodak Classic Frame app. They will appear on the 10" IPS Touch screen, for perfect quality. Choose the ultra-modern design in white or black of the RCF-106H Wi-Fi or the authentic look of the grey wood frame of the RCF-1013W Wi-Fi: they will blend in perfectly with both contemporary and classic interiors.

The Kodak RWF-108H Wi-Fi is more than just a connected digital photo frame. With its built-in battery and swivel stand, it can be placed anywhere in the room to make the most of all your shots. It can be used to listen to music and even has an alarm function, making it a practical and indispensable part of everyday life. With its 32GB internal memory, expandable via SD card or USB stick, it can display thousands of photos on its high-resolution screen.

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