Colour film - Kodak Gold GB Film 200 135mm - 36 exposures
  • Colour film - Kodak Gold GB Film 200 135mm - 36 exposures

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Colour film - Kodak Gold GB Film 200 135mm - 36 exposures

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The film with bright colours and an authentic effect

For bright, colourful silver photos, Kodak Gold 135mm 36 exposure film delivers striking, vivid, natural colours. Its unique formulation captures light precisely, producing rich, vibrant tones that are perfect for capturing your memories.

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A practical, flexible format

With its 36 exposures, Kodak Gold film allows you to capture many precious moments during your outings and trips. Its 135mm format is compatible with most film cameras, giving you great flexibility of use. Kodak Gold films benefit from C-41 processing, a standard process available in most photo laboratories. This process guarantees optimum colour rendition and great detail accuracy. Kodak Gold film is ideal for outdoor or indoor shooting in average light conditions. Its ISO 200 sensitivity ensures sharp, precise images, even in less favourable lighting conditions.

Recommended for photographers of all levels

Whether you're a beginner to film photography or an advanced professional, Kodak Gold film lets you capture photos of exceptional quality. Its ease of use and authentic look make it an ideal choice for all types of photography. Capture every detail of your memories with the fine grain and exceptional sharpness of Kodak Gold 135mm 36 exposure film. Capture the beauty of the world around you with optimum colour saturation and warm tones. Our film is perfect for a wide range of situations from sunny landscapes to indoor portraits. Kodak Gold film adapts to your every need.


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